Axommsoft Pdf Strong AES Encryption 1.3

Axommsoft Pdf Strong AES Encryption 1.3



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Date Added:16 April, 2013



Download Axommsoft Pdf encryption software to protect pdf files from unauthorized access, set pdf open password security known as user password. Apply various security restrictions using pdf owner guard protection which prevents pdf from being print and copy on clipboard. Utility can also stop pdf form filling, disable pdf commenting, disallow pdf assemble; block pdf modifying (changing) etc. Get pdf encrypt tool to batch protect pdf file with strong RC4 & AES 40 bits and 128 bits encryption level. Tool ensures the author of pdf that the document can only be opened and view by intended recipients only. No one un-authorized person can open pdf file. Application can process batch documents for applying security. Some supported features introduced with this tool are: (1) Encrypt batch pdf documents. (2) Tool supports RC4 and AEs encryption level security. (3) Add user password and owner password. (4) Restrict pdf file for print, edit, copy on clipboard, form fill, sign etc. (5) Independent application.
Requirements: 256MB RAM, 15MB Disk space, 500 MHz processor

Systems: WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows2003

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